My “S%^t I’m Not Going to Do Anymore” List for 2013

The following is a guest post from momAgendaCOMM blogger Kim-Marie Evans.


I know that New Year’s resolutions are supposed to be things you’re going to do:


  • Lose weight
  • Get organized
  • Read more
  • Have sex, whatever


This year I’m taking stuff off my list.


I’m serious.


As I write this, I’m on strike from my family. They’ve tried to deny my status based on lack of a union or any collective bargaining power. I’m not sure they realize I do the work of a squadron of Teamsters, oh but they will.


Things I’m taking off my list this year:


  • The mommy chauffer service. When I was a kid I begged to go with my mom to her EVERY afternoon Scrabble game with her best friend. I counted myself lucky to sit in a haze of second hand smoke looking up dubious words in the dictionary. If I wanted to go somewhere, I got on my bike. Yes in the rain, I grew up in Seattle, it was always raining.


  • PTA anything. You want some books? Here’s a check. I’m not baking freaking anything to sell so that some of the money can go to something or another. Just take the cash and leave me alone people.


  • Feeling guilty if they don’t eat organic snacks and watch Planet Earth. Melted Velveeta on a doughy white hot dog bun was my DIY snack while watching “Gilligan’s Island.” I’m pretty sure there was some calcium in there and now I know that if Russian cosmonauts come to save you – don’t get drunk on their vodka and pass out or you’ll get left behind. That lesson actually has many real life applications.


  • Paying people to do jobs that used to be children’s chores. Housekeeper making the bed? Not anymore little Lord Fauntleroy. Vacuuming the car? Great work for little hands. Walking the dog, picking up the poop, vacuuming the living room – oh how the list goes on.


So when did the tables turn? When we were kids our lives revolved around our parents. Now our lives revolve around our kids? Um, exactly when is it our turn?


I say it’s in 2013.


Kim-Marie Evans is a member of the Council of Media Moms at momAgenda. She is a lifestyle blogger who writes about motherhood and travel on her personal blog The Luxury Travel Mom. You can always find her on Twitter.

5 thoughts on “My “S%^t I’m Not Going to Do Anymore” List for 2013

  1. Man, I could sure add to this list. I’ve had it, too, and just decided that when I ran across this blog.

    I am SO SICK of hearing, “You didn’t tell us to do that!” Ummm… really? You can’t SEE that the dishes are dirty? You can’t SMELL the cat box? You’ve worn those socks HOW MANY DAYS?

    I’m on strike, too. This is freaking ridiculous.

  2. Wow. Hope this blog doesn’t make it to families in Newtown. I’m guessing there are 26 families who would give just about anything to resume the “mommy chauffeur service” and messy beds.

  3. You are my hero! And as a high school teacher, if all parents would do this we would be raising way more responsible individuals. Individuals who had a work ethic and didnt believe the world owed them something.

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