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momAgenda Kitchen Folio

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Store this household organizer in the heart of your home so you’ll always have the information you need at your fingertips. With this planning portfolio you can organize home files from favorite recipes to kids’ school paperwork to important emergency contacts.

  • Filled with heavy-duty, clear plastic page protectors that allow you to store class lists, school schedules, sports schedules, menus and more. With 48 pages and 24 interchangeable tabs, there's a place for everything! You can use the removable tabs to customize your folio so that it works for your life.
  • The Kitchen Folio is an amazing system for organizing the endless stream of paperwork that the kids bring home from school: school/sports schedules, lunch menus, sports team information, after-school activities, and more.
  • Plus you can include your exercise schedules and the all-important take-out menus.
  • Keep it near the phone and you'll always have the information you need, right at your fingertips. It will instantly become "command central" for every family that uses it!
  • You can customize your Kitchen Folio for your family online!
  • Click here for our unique forms, including Important Information, Important Phone Numbers, Home-Related Phone Numbers, Family Medical Information, Birthdays/Anniversaries, and Babysitter's Information. Simply type in your family's information, print, and slide into your Kitchen Folio for instant access to all the information you reference on a daily basis!
  • A stylish, faux-lizard cover is stain-resistant and at home in any kitchen or family room.
  • Click here for a Kitchen Folio customer's opinion!
  • Personalization is available in two fonts: print or script. Choose from two colors: Silver or blind-emboss. Please note: Only letters can be used for personalization, no numbers.
  • 9" x 12"

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  • "Kitchen Folio"
    (Fargo, ND) on June 18, 2012

    This sounds morbid but I used it for a Death booklet and it is working out great. I have bank accounts listed, credit cards, information about our home with where to find abstract. Funeral plans and costs to pay. This is just super for me but I want to order 2 more plus one more set of tabs. I goofed I used ink that went thro to the other side and I want to renumber everything. I will order 2 next time. Thanks so much for making this awesome product. Edie

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  • "Just Plain Excellent!"
    (Minnesota) on August 03, 2012

    Having two children in school plus activities creates a lot of paperwork that just doesn't all fit on the refrigerator. After receiving and organizing my Kitchen Folio, I now have one place to go for school lunch calendars, daily class schedules and all the rest of the paperwork the kids bring home. There was plenty of room left over even after all the school and activity items were filed. I really like the templates that are with the Kitchen Folio and that I can fill them out and print them from the momAgenda website and they are just as beautiful as the blank forms in the folio! The fact that I can keep track of the whole family's schedule on the calendar is terrific bonus on top of everything else I mentioned. This truly is a terrific planner/organizer!

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  • "Great Product!"
    (Lafayette, LA area) on August 16, 2012

    I LOVE this organizer. As a single mom with two children in school and sports, I have to stay organized. There are a lot of schedules and phone numbers to keep track of. I used to keep these papers in a folder and on the refrigerator. Now I am able to separate each child's papers making it easier for all of us to find. My children love looking through it!! PLUS there is room left over to keep track of important house papers as well.

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  • "My New Favorite Thing"
    (Indianapolis) on August 30, 2012

    I received my Kitchen Folio a couple of weeks ago and it is my new favorite thing! I have tried so many systems to try to control the paperworks of the numerous calendars, important papers and forms, flyers, and team schedules that stack up each school year. My Folio has actually been traveling with me when attending school/parent meetings. There is nothing better than needing information and having it right there at my finger tips! Plus, I can actually FIND the forms when I need them. The page protectors keep the sheets from being wrinkled, do not fall out of my momAgenda, do not get lost. The best part is that it is easy to see when a paper is outdated and I toss it right away. No more piling up of paper I no longer need! The page protectors are heavy duty as well as the outside cover so I know it's going to hold up to all the work it will be getting. Thanks momAgenda for a fantastic product!!!

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  • "Perfect for Home Daycare!"
    (MN) on December 13, 2012

    I am a home daycare provider, and I currently have 7 kids in my care. That equals A LOT of required paperwork! This product keeps everything neat and tidy for when my licensor comes to visit! There was also enough room to put my monthly fire drill logs, my monthly crib check forms, and my food program enrollment forms. Just what I needed, thank you!! I do wish there were folders, and a way to add more sleeves inside, but otherwise its great!

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  • "Wonderful product!"
    (Katy Near Houston, Tx) on January 22, 2013

    I have been using Mom Agenda products for years so it is no surprise that this is another fantastic tool in my search for organizational bliss! I personalized mine with some scrapbook paper so it's fun as well as useful. I searched high and low for the best household management system and by far this offers the most flexibility. Between Mom Agendas free printable and others I have found on the net, it definitely has become exactly what we needed. I handle the bills and paper flow in our home but always worried that if I were ever to need my husband to step in that he would have a hard time finding things. Now I am completely confident he has what he needs all in one place. Thank you Mom Agenda!

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  • "Every house should have one!"
    (aldergrove BC) on February 03, 2013

    Excellent tool for having Close when needed for emergencies or simply just staying on top of schedule. I wish it came with every junk drawer so that keeping it organized and free of paper clutter could be a thing of the past! Very pleased customer. About to try the meal planner and mom agenda as I will be having my first child ( beautiful baby girl ) in less than 6 weeks and even though I will be a house mommy life is still busy and hectic! Im thinking from all the reviews I wont be dissapointed and I will meet a new side of organized me! :)

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  • "LOVE IT!"
    (Virginia Beach) on April 09, 2013

    I spent many days reading these reviews trying to decide whether or not to buy this folio. I am so glad that I did. The page protectors seem to be of good quality and there are so many of them. I used to keep my kids papers on a bulletin board but as they have become more involved, the bulletin board was overwhelmed. Now I can easily find things and group them by child. I love it and now that it will be useful for many years to come.

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  • "Kitchen Folio"
    (Brussels, Belgium) on April 23, 2013

    I just received my Kitchen Folio in the mail and I am sooo excited to start using it. The possibilities are endless. The construction is beautiful and sturdy. Thank you Mom Agenda!

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  • "Super Helpful"
    (Sacramento) on May 17, 2013

    This kitchen folio has accomplished just what I was hoping for! I've kept all of my kids' school documents, schedules and calendars in one place for easy reference. No digging through files anymore. Highly recommend this product!

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  • "the color"
    (Vermont) on August 02, 2013

    I really want this....BUT why does it only come in pink?

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  • "Would love to have one"
    (Eau Claire, WI) on February 04, 2014

    I really want this, but sadly I just can't afford it :(

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  • "Can't wait to order this!"
    (Houston Texas) on February 04, 2014

    I have read many reviews about this product and can't wait to get one! The reviews helped me to decide so when I get mine I will let everyone know what I think in hopes to help someone else try it!

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  • "Pink?"
    (St. Louis) on February 13, 2014

    I would love to order this but NOT in pink! Will wait until other colors are available.

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  • "Love it!"
    (Ma) on August 16, 2014

    Got this as a gift-one of my favorites!! I don't know how I stay organized without it!!

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  • "Great Value at a Great Price"
    (Philadelphia) on December 12, 2014

    I am very pleased with this product. The clear pages are heavy duty, not flimsy material. There are so many pages that I haven't utilized them all yet. I have been using this for 6 months now and am completely satisfied. I love the bright pink color. It's easy to locate amongst other books and papers!

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  • "Organization at my finger tips"
    (Utah) on July 27, 2012

    I just received my Kitchen Folio today and I LOVE IT!!!!! I love being able to organize all of our loose paperwork in whichever order I desire. I love how easy to wipe off the cover is, and how "kitchen proof" it is. All of the tabs seems to be secured very well to the protector pages, and I hope they will last with constant usage. Another unexpected plus is that within each protector page it is conveniently seperated so you can have multiple pages on each side of one section and they won't get mixed up or stuck together!! I really like having this folio and think momAgenda did a great job with the idea, quality and production of this item. Thank You momAgenda!!

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