As with many great ideas, momAgenda was created to simplify the life of our founder, Nina Restieri. 15 years later, we've struck a chord with women all over the country who had the same desire to make managing their lives, and the lives of their children easier.
Nina Restieri and family
Maureen Ahern and family

Our Story

Our story begins with Nina Restieri, a former successful ad executive, and a businesswoman at the helm of a family business. One morning, Nina was attempting to organize her chaotic schedule (and those of her four young children) when she started to think about wedding planners. Why, she wondered, are there hundreds of options for brides to choose from to plan their wedding, but not a single option for mothers to plan their everyday lives? One year of extensive research later, momAgenda was born. The first run of products sold out in three days to 120 stores. At that moment, Nina knew she had struck a chord with women all over the country who had the same desire to bring some order to their hectic schedules.

Over the next year, as momAgenda expanded at a pace far beyond her expectations, Nina realized she needed help — and she knew exactly where to turn to find it. Maureen Ahern, a mom of three and family friend who had risen to the top ranks of corporate America, joined momAgenda as Chief Operating Officer, and quickly became an indispensible partner in the business.

Together, Nina and Maureen have grown momAgenda to include a diversified range of products that help organize the lives of mothers and others, including day planners, home organizers, pads, journals, and accessories. The collection is sold at leading national retailers and regional boutiques throughout the US.

Today, momAgenda encompasses a vast range of organizational products, many inspired by its loyal devotees. Nina and Maureen get immense joy out of helping the pieces of everyone’s personal puzzle – family, career, home and social life – come together.

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May, 2005

Nina launches momAgenda at the National Stationery Show in New York City. The line sells out in 3 days.

November, 2005

The momAgenda Desktop is featured in the RealSimple Magazine Holiday Gift Guide.

December, 2005

The momAgenda Desktop is featured on the Today Show.

May, 2006

Maureen Ahern joins momAgenda as Chief Operating Officer and eventually, business partner.

April, 2007

The New York Times features the momAgenda Desktop in their Mother’s Day gift section.

May, 2007

momAgenda introduces Kitchen Folio.

Spring, 2008

momAgenda introduces Personal Portfolio.

Summer, 2008

momAgenda introduces School Years Memory Books.

June, 2010

momAgenda introduces Home Office Edition.

August, 2012

momAgenda introduces Sports Years Memory Books.

June, 2014

momAgenda introduces a new, responsive website design.

April, 2018

momAgenda launches a brand new, more user-friendly website with updated design.

"I created this line because I needed products like this for my own life. I kept wondering why there wasn’t a good day planner out there for moms, especially moms with multiple kids. And I wanted something stylish.”