Affiliate Step-By-Step Instructions

Step 1
Go to the momAgenda Signup page hosted by ShareASale and create a username and password.

Step 1 directions for Affiliate Program

Step 2
Enter your website’s URL into the box provided. If your site is not yet live, you can put in the URL anyway.

Step 2 directions for Affiliate Program

Step 3

Step 3 directions for Affiliate Program

Here you have two options, an express application or standard application. For an express application, which will allow you to access your account as soon as the set-up process is complete, enter an email address in the first box provided. The email address must be valid for the domain name entered in Step 2. For a standard application, which will take one business day to process, you may enter any email address in the second box provided, as long as that email address is present somewhere on your website. You will receive a follow up email from ShareASale with instructions on how to confirm your identity. Next, confirm the email address you have given to move on to Step 4.

Step 4
Enter your contact information, a description of your site’s marketing and answer two questions about the nature of your website.

Step 4 directions for Affiliate Program

Step 5

Step 5 for Affiliate Program

Enter your Tax ID or Social Security number and choose the method of delivery for payments due to you. You can also choose method of delivery later. Read the Affiliate Agreement and click on “I Agree”.

This completes the online registration process. You should immediately receive an email to the address you provided thanking you for your application, and asking you to click on an included link. You must click on this link in order to activate your account. If you do not receive your email please check your spam folder to make sure it was not accidentally filtered out. If it is not in your regular or spam folders, something was done incorrectly on the application. Please re-do your application.

Once you have received the approval email from momAgenda, go to and log in. Once you check the two boxes the main access page will come up. You should now see your momAgenda enrollment information. You are all set up to begin adding banners and other creatives.