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Last night, we had friends come over for dinner. Prior to our guests’ arrival, we instructed the kids to straighten up their rooms, as well as the playroom, as we always do when company is coming. I even felt a little proud that we were finally at the point where we could send the kids off to do their chores, and not worry about whether they were actually getting done.

So imagine my surprise when, long after our guests went home and the kids were bathed and ready for bed, I noticed a pile in the corner of my 7 year-old Jamie’s room. A pile of clothing. Apparently his definition of cleaning his room involves picking up all the clothing that is scattered all over the floor and placing it in the corner in a huge pile.

So, I guess that patting myself on the back for getting the kids to clean up after themselves was a bit premature. I am at a loss, though, on how to motivate the kids to do their chores and do them RIGHT.

So my Monday challenge question to you is: Short of direct and constant supervision, how do you get your kids to do their chores effectively?

4 thoughts on “Mommy Monday Challenge…

  1. Congratulations on winning half the battle! Hey, the clothes got “picked up”.

    Keep a chart for rewarding kids, clearing defining the chore.

    i.e. – Clean Room = clothes hung up in closet, folded in drawers, dirty in laundry.

    Clothes piled on floor = room not clean, thus no reward.

  2. I have done both the chore chart (younger kids) and a version of the “Dilley reward ladder” (older kids) – both seem effective when used consistently. I demo the chore first and then check in the first few times they are doing it. Also, I agree, minor rewards after achieving any goal you may set is always motivational. but I really praise them for clean rooms and chores done so THAT is often the reward.

  3. I made up a chore chart with check marks that my son can check off daily. This reminds him of what to do. The chart is split up into morning afternoon and evening chores. I print out a new one every week. The chore chart is different for summer months vs. school days. When my son is done for each section (morning afternoon or evening) he calls me for inspection. Chores must be completed each day for the whole week in order to receive his allowance! I started this last month and he has been on target ever since! I would be happy to email the chore chart to Mom Agenda if you are interested.

  4. Just be patient mom. It will pass. Before you know it, they’ll start putting them all in the laundry instead of the corner. Then you’ll really have trouble. Then, no matter what you do, you won’t have the laundry caught up.

    I have a 16 year old boy and a 13 year old girl. They both grew out of the “corner piling”. Now I just have to be patient, I also have a 7 year old girl who is going through that phase. I keep telling myself, she’ll grow out of it.

    Keep your fingers crossed and don’t let up. They’ll think you don’t care. Wish me luck too. It seems to take FOREVER!!!

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