Organizing Snafu’s — Do You Have Them?

Here is further proof that no matter how much I write everything down in my momAgenda, no matter how far in advance I plan my schedule, no matter how carefully I read every flyer that comes home from my kids’ schools, I am simply not capable of getting it right every time (and I don’t think any of us are). I have had a long history of organizing snafu’s and the latest one was this morning.

I thought there was a class party today in my 7 year-old’s class. It’s been in my day planner for at least a month. I told Jamie when I dropped him off at 8:30 that I would see him in a few minutes, at 9am, which was the start time of the party.

At 8:35 Jamie called me from the school phone. “Mama,” he said, “the party isn’t until the 18th. Bye.”

How do I manage to get it wrong when I am trying so hard to get it right? Maybe with 4 kids in 4 different schools, it’s just not possible to stay completely on top of things. I am not getting down on myself, I am really honestly just trying to figure out what I am missing and how to avoid missing that thing in the future.

I have come a long way since the night about 5 years ago when I showed up a week early for book club. I arrived at the hostess Shannon’s house, she politely offered me a glass of wine, and I sat and chatted with her for half an hour before I finally asked where the rest of the group was. Then my poor flustered and clearly confused friend had the awkward task of telling me that book club was not until next week….

What about you? Have you ever had an embarrassing organizing snafu?

3 thoughts on “Organizing Snafu’s — Do You Have Them?

  1. How about the time my husband exclaimed “Oh no! My sister’s birthday is tomorrow!” At around 9pm one evening. We bought her a rich chocolate cake on Harry & David’s website, and paid three times the price of the cake for next-day delivery.

    Spending over $100 on a little cake seemed bad enough, but it really hit home when she called to a) thank us for the delicious gift, and b) ask why we sent her a birthday cake a month before her birthday.

    I ordered my first MyAgenda the very next day.

  2. We all love hearing about how even the best of us have these!

    I have a friend who has boarded a plane, gone to the wrong city, got there, and had to get a taxi to the right one. Her assistant never told her which city she was headed to. Gate agent never sent her to the right flight. It happens!

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