A Quick Tip to Help You Get Moving!

Judging by the crowd at my gym this morning, it looks like a lot of people are hoping to get in shape this year! But I know that in a few weeks those people will get busy with other things… let’s face it, I will too. My favorite way to stick to an exercise plan is to schedule it in my calendar, in pen, and treat it like an appointment. Every Sunday I schedule in 6 workouts; I figure if I make it to 4 of them, I am doing pretty well.

One thought on “A Quick Tip to Help You Get Moving!

  1. I have found with our busy schedules it is harder and harder to make it to the gym – rather than sitting and watching the kids at their activities I will walk around the ballpark. This way I am moving and can still see them from all angles of the field. It’s amazing the differnt perspective you get from somewhere other than the bleachers!

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