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You’ll have everything you need to get organized, from school paperwork to sports schedules to all your notes, right at your fingertips with the AllInOne Folio.

  • Folio includes 48 heavy-duty page protectors for storage of class lists, school schedules, menus and more.
  • Includes large note pad and pen for easy note taking.
  • Click here for our unique forms, including Important Information, Important Phone Numbers, Home–Related Phone Numbers, Family Medical Information, Birthdays/Anniversaries, and Babysitter’s Information. Simply type in your family’s information, print, and slide into the page protectors in your All-In-One Folio for instant access to all the information you reference on a daily basis.
  • A stylish, faux–lizard cover is stain–resistant and at home anywhere, whether in your home or on the go.

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  • Been using mine for years
    February 16, 2016
    The all-in-one folio makes me feel like a super mom. I have all my children's medical information, identification forms, school schedules and more with me at all times. Plus I am able to scheduled my life like a pro using the huge calander with its ample space to record appointments.
    Deb | Tyler, Texas
  • Life saver!!!
    December 20, 2015
    Have used for several years and I love it! Business, mom and home! I love the additional spaces for children, events, etc.
    Trish | Oklahoma
  • I use it everyday!
    December 2, 2015
    This is one of my favorite organizing tools. It sits on my desk and I use it all the time. It holds everything from soccer, volleyball, and rehearsal schedules (that are too laborious to enter on iCal) to emergency information and Christmas card lists. It has held up to years of use and still looks great. Good product!
    Heather | Bay Area
  • Perfect for keeping school papers!
    November 18, 2014
    This is perfect for organizing all those school papers/schedules! I use the clear page protectors to keep: Hot lunch schedule, school calendar for both children, after school activity forms/events, class lists, school contact lists, and children's daily routines(use a dry erase on the pages!).

    The pre-printed forms for important information because it is nice to have all that information at your fingertips!

    The monthly calendar is great for keeping track of the kids. I also use a row for my mother-in-laws appointments.

    The only improvements I request is to include a weekly calendar option.

    It is heavy, but it stays at home on a table where everyone can see it.
    Yvette | Chicago, Illinois
  • Kitchen folio
    September 12, 2014
    I love the kitchen folio and loved it except it doesn't have a calendar. I had ordered the calendar replacement for the all in one fool but was so disappointed because it is only a monthly calendar. I still have to order an agenda . I really want it all in one book.
    Lynn byrd | Alabama
  • Great Organizer for moms!
    March 3, 2014
    I have had this organizer for a few years. I love it. I love the plastic protector pages that keep important school information, yoga schedules, and menus!
    Jamie | Naples, FL
  • Beautiful!
    August 14, 2013
    I am entering the contest for this calendar, I was just looking on ebay yesterday at planners. I really need one with how un organized I am!
    Carole | Alaska
  • Love it! But it's heavy.
    May 16, 2013
    I have been using my Ocean color kitchen folio to keep track of my household, kids, school and their extracurricular information for four years. It is a very well made, durable product that looks beautiful despite years of use and abuse. I love it and recommend it to everyone. The only negative thing I noticed involves it becoming very heavy when loaded with information/papers. However, I prefer one organized location for all the information/papers I have to keep up with and individual tabs to separate the information, instead of several locations. Plus, its weight adds to its durability so I would not change anything.
    Leah Zanoni | Dallas, TX
  • disappointed.....
    December 3, 2012
    After carefully reviewing all the day planners I placed my order for the "all in one" Folio. Happy with the colour and size I was excited to get my package. Once I opened it I found it only came with a monthly calander... not enough space for the appointments my two children and I have. My mistake as it does say calander in the discription but did not realize how small the boxes for each day were. So here I am again placing ANOTHER order as I still am in need for a day planner... paying ANOTHER 35$ for shipping.... I'm disappointed the "all in one" did not come with week at a time pages. Live and learn but I hate all the shipping charges just to get what I thought I was getting in the first place.
    Tina | Canada
  • Can't wait to us it!
    November 20, 2012
    Just ordered mine and can't wait to use it! I've been looking for something that will organize all my things and this looks like it!
    Angela Modisett | Texas
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