Personal Portfolio Calendar Refill
(January – December 2021)

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Update your three-ring Personal Portfolio with our twelve-month calendar (January 2021-December 2021) refill featuring both monthly and weekly spreads.

  • All calendar pages run from January 2021 through December 2021.


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  • May 9, 2020
    I finally found inserts with a Monday start in the monthly view! So glad to also find the inserts and just carry a few months with me. I would love if they would come in the My Agenda version and no quotes so i could have more room for notes.
  • November 24, 2019
    It’s a wonderful written way to keep organized.
    Kim Oliver
  • November 15, 2019
    I love my Mom Agenda Planner. The planner itself has slots to hold appt cards & a zippered pocket. I love having so much room on each day to write down all our appts & reminders.
  • November 5, 2019
    I have had a momAgenda since it was on Oprah about 16 years ago. It is the best planner and it can help anyone be organized! I highly recommend it!
  • October 18, 2019
    I am old school. I stay with my paper planner year after year and MomAgenda has been my go to for years. The format just works. I love it.
    Meike LeMieux
  • August 29, 2019
    Even though it is a Mom focused planner, this Gigi loves it. As your memory shrinks and your stable of grandchildren expand, this planner is ideal to record upcoming school events, sports, etc for your grandchildren. I use it to help me guide my phone or FaceTime conversations with distant grandchildren so they knowdistamce does not prevent Gigi from being interested in what is going on in their world.
  • August 12, 2019
    I love this planner! It is the best at keeping me and my family organized, and the pockets are helpful for stashing papers, mailing supplies like stamps and envelopes, and more. Worth every penny.
  • July 1, 2019
    have just finished my first year with momAgenda Personal Portfolio. I am so happy with it and Iwill be ordering the refill calendar pages for 2020. It is the best planner I have ever used. My oldest child is 31 and I have been using planners since before she was born. Wish I had known about these planners sooner.
  • June 7, 2019
    This keeps me on track with work and my son’s schedule. Great tool for the busy family.
  • June 7, 2019
    I've tried so many planners over the years, but the MomAgenda is my go-to! I bought the Personal Portfolio last year and have been so pleased! I can easily track my work and personal meetings, along with the work schedule for my husband and the school events for my kids. I love the area for dinner, too - it helps me remember what I need to pick up at the store when I pop in after work. The best part about the Portfolio and these refills for me is that I don't have to transfer over information to a whole new book - I can take out the old calendars and put the new ones in without losing my contacts and other notes.
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    How Nina uses the momAgenda Day Planner:

    1. I put important reminders for myself here.
    2. Put your kids’ names here…use any extra spaces for lists, errands, etc. Use it your way!
    3. I use these spaces to write in my kids’ activities each day.
    4. I love planning dinner in advance so I only have to go grocery shopping once a week.