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momEssentials Desktop Size


There are so many important pieces of information a mom needs handy. From medical records to birthdays, you never know when you might have to look something up—now! Fortunately, the momEssentials pamphlet included in momAgenda and myAgenda Desktop is available as a separate item. It lets you keep all your permanent information in one place right at your fingertips. Bundle it with a couple of momAgenda Desk Pads and you’ve got the perfect hostess gift.

  • Store your addresses and birthdays
  • Space for family members' information, important phone numbers, web sites & passwords
  • Enter all your medical information and your kids’ medical information
  • Available in 2 convenient sizes: Desktop size or Mini size
  • Desktop Size: 6 1/2" x 9"

Note: If you have ordered a momAgenda or myAgenda Desktop, the momEssentials Large is already included.

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  • "momEssentials"
    (Boston area) on October 17, 2013

    I've used this booklet - momEssentials - for years for something much different than it was intended.... I store all of my passwords (alphabetically) in it! Easy to locate (thanks to the pale pink color and size), and easy to use; it's thin and small - but not too small (I write big). Buying an extra years ago was a smart move on MY part (haha). momEssentials is my 'all access pass' and makes my life much, much easier to manage.

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  • "Product name says it all: Essential = A MUST HAVE"
    (San Antonio, TX) on December 05, 2012

    This product is indeed an Essential !!! I've used momAgenda products for years. This year is my 5 th year and I must say that this product has been on my list of gifts every year. My very first momAgenda was the personal portfolio three ring binder and I got a mom essential book the next year as so much information had changed because we moved and had new medical informafion, new babysitters, new contacts of every sort! I have found that regardless if a person mives or not; the “Essential" contacts will change from year to year. It is so convient to have this be a separate booklet that can be kept in your momAgenda of cboice or can easily slip out and be an “Essential" to keep in your purse if you don't need your momAgenda in your purse from time to time. This one item has become something I'm not ever without! It's on that list with purse, cell phone, etc!

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