Permission Slip Pad

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Permission Slip Pad


When your child needs official permission, you’ll have an official permission slip. Our pre-filled permission slip pad lets you jot in the particulars so your child is instantly prepared for her soccer practice or evening sleepover—and you can avoid scribbling on napkins with black sharpies.

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  • "Huge Help on Busy Mornings"
    (D.C. Metro Area) on May 30, 2015

    Our shcool requires a note for a child to ride a different bus home with a friend. This note is a huge help on busy mornings when I am rushing to write a note to the school. I can quickly fill out the date, friend's name, bus number and sign. It is the perfect format for a busy mom!

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  • "Needs a place to excuse absences and tardies"
    (Newnan) on May 22, 2013

    My child has A.D.D. Asperger Syndrome, and braces. She rarely never goes home with friends, but she often misses school for illnesses, therapy, and doctor/orthodontist appointments. Signing her out early isn't good enough; our school still wants her to bring a note the next day. She constantly misplaces or forgets to turn in my notes the next day, so we often receive "warnings" about unexcused absences. Yet, she DOES turn in this note. She notices it in her bookbag because of the colored polkadot border and the fact that it isn't the same size as all of her other papers. It would make my life easier if, instead of "Special Instructions", this said "Please excuse ________________________________ for being absent/tardy on _________________________. 1) _____My child was sick 2. _____ My child had a doctor/orthodontist appointment 3) _____ Other: _____________________________________________ Otherwise, this would have received 5 stars. Love it! :)

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