Chores Pad

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Chores Pad

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Our handy magnetic Chores Pad helps you easily delegate tasks to your kids and check off their completion. You can create chore lists for up to 5 kids, so your 4 year-old won’t get the same list as your 12-year old.

  • Each pretty, polka-dotted sheet covers one full week.
  • 50 sheets per pad.
  • Size: 9” x 12”

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  • "Handy"
    (CT) on July 07, 2013

    Been using it for the three kids all year now. Very useful.

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  • "LOVE THIS!"
    (Ventura CA) on April 09, 2015

    I love this Chore Pad. I use it with the Weekly Planner and it works very well for our house. (I've tried MANY different organizing systems) I appreciate the quality paper used, as I write in pencil and make changes through out the week as needed. I'm ordering another one today as my pad is almost out and I can't think of running my week/organizing the kid's chores without these tools! Thanks for making well made, well thought out products!

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  • "My son actually does more now!"
    (Plano) on September 08, 2016

    I started his list of chores. Told him he could add extra things to be taken into consideration for his allowance money. So far he's made dinner with little help from me, defrosted and restocked a mini-fridge, and he goes thru what I wrote twice a day. He loves being able to check things off. Communication actually seems better because I wrote down what he needed to get done. He told me he likes that better because before this chore pad I would ask him to do something, 5-6 times and then be frustrated at the world. He told me it's not that he didn't listen, bu couldn't remember and when I would ask him to do something else, he would forget the first thing. He's doing really well with this and I'm very happy. Wasn't sure about the price, but the way it's helped him focus, totally worth it. He can see everything that he needs to do. Thanks for that!

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  • "Love this Chart!!!!"
    (California) on April 30, 2012

    I LOVE this chart!! I found it at Staples originally. A few weeks later, I went back to the store to buy another one but they were all sold out. I found this website on the bottom of my chart at home and was able to order more--thankfully! I have 4 kids. Between homework, extra school paperwork, sports practices, music practice, showers, chores, and church lessons, I can't keep it all straight! I love this chart! At the beginning of the week, I write out everything everyone has to do with a check mark for the days it needs to be done. All I have to do t/o the week is look at the chart to be sure we're on track. Its made my life so much easier!! At the end of the week, if their check marks are all circled for the week, they receive $1--a huge incentive! I love the magnetic paper chart! Perfect! Thank you for this product! :)

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    (delaware,ohio) on April 18, 2012

    Please make these bigger and on white dry erase boards, have been looking for something like this for a while

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  • "Completely fell apart."
    (New Hampshire) on February 21, 2012

    I bought one of these at my local Staples. I love the concept and idea, and the sheets are nicely laid out. But the glue on the top is not strong enough to fight gravity if you hang this on the fridge and all the pages fell off my gorgeous new fridge pad onto the floor. I tried fixing it with duct tape where the glue should be but to no avail. This will be a desk stationery that I tape to the fridge weekly, at best. I have to be honest, I'm disappointed. I can't recommend this as a hanging product. Which, with the magnet on the back, it's clearly designed as.

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